Hạt giống cỏ Cayman - Mulato III - Mulato 3

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Nhà cung cấp

Commercial name Cayman grass
Scientific name Brachiaria hybrid cv. CIAT BR 02/1752
Growth habit Tillered; semi-decumbent
Palatability High
Digestibility High
Protein potential Up to 17%
Tolerance to waterlogging High
Tolerance to drought Good
Planting density 8–10 kg/ha; zero tillage
Days to first grazing/cut after germination 90–100 days on average
Time in rotation 25–30 days
Maximum height for animals to exit the paddock 30 cm
Soil fertility requirement Intermediate to high
Adaptation in m above sea level 0–1200 m above sea level
Adaptability to soils with acid pH High
Resistance to spittlebug attack High
Uses Grazing, hay, fresh in feeding trough; its quality and production also make it adequate for use as silage.
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