Hạt giống cỏ Mombasa Guinea

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Scientific name: Panicum maximum cv.Mombasa

Productivity:Mombasa guinea grass is a tall grass, similar to hybrid Napier grass in habit, but far more leafy and is very suitable for cut-and-carry. It is a very productive leafy grass, producing between 20 and 40 t/ha dry matter per year.

Crude protein levels: 8-12% crude protein in Thailand on poor soils and 12-14 % crude protein on better soils.

Animal production: No data fromThailand, but inSouth America, liveweight gains of 770 kg/ha/yr compared with 600, and 590 kg/ha/yr from Purple Guinea and Tobiata guinea grass. It is more productive than Guinea TD58 (Purple guinea).

Grazing management: Can be either rotationally grazed or set stocked. Management depends on the farmer’s experience. Most farmers in South America prefer cut-and-carry. Therefore cut every 40-45 days in the wet season and 60-70 days in the cool season.

Establishment: Can be either planted in rows, 50 cm apart, or broadcast sown at 6-8 kg/ha. Sow the seed on to the soil surface, brush the seed with soil by using tree branches or large brooms. Bury the seed no more than 1-2 cm under the soil. It is easy to plant from rooted tillers.

Background: It was introduced into Brazil from Tanzania in 1993, from near Korogwe, Tanzania (5.20°S 38.50°E, 290 m asl, rainfall 1,050 mm). Large tussocks to 2 m, stems tinged with purple. Leaves are long, to 3 cm wide, with short hairs on the upper surface; leaf sheaths are glabrous. Good drought and cold tolerance. Dry matter yield 28% more than that of Guinea TD58 (purp

Seed: Seed produced inThailand is harvested by hand and has a purity of over 98%. It is pure-to type with no other guinea grass seeds inMombasa seed fromThailand.le guinea)
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